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***WHO ARE WE ?***

We are HIT THE ROAD RV and are located in San Diego, California.  Feel free to call us by phone @ 1-619-582-7878. 

Starting as a glorified hobby in January 1995 we have quickly grown to selling over 125 pre owned RVís (motor homes, trailers and 5th wheels) per year.  The inventory we have is personally owned and is not consigned.  We found that most parties that wanted to leave consigned RVís for sale did not care to invest any more $$$ into cleaning and refurbishing.  Well, thatís the first thing that we do hereÖspend more money on each unit that we buy.  If the refrigerator doesnít work, we fix it.  If the roof a/c doesnít blow cold, itís repaired.  If itís dirty, we clean it.  Would you believe most used RVís have never been washed, waxed or detailed properly.  Youíd be surprised what 40 man hours (on the average) can do for a coach.  And since we own what we sell, weíre as cautious as you would be when buying a pre owned vehicle.  The last thing we want to do is spend good money on bad inventory with major problems and even worst pass them on to a customer.  As I stated above....can you as a buyer, have a qualified third party inspect any of our coaches?Ö.you bet!  In over 8 years of selling used RVís Iíve never lost a sale due to a pre purchase inspectionÖ.I welcome them.  Please remember, no one can  make a  used motor home 100% perfect, if that is your desire, brand new is the only way to go and sometimes they are not perfect .  From our beginnings we have used the "Why Don't You Sleep On It" approach to sales.  We feel a buyer with reliable information and no  pressure is much more satisfied with their purchase.  With this philosophy, attitude and answering all questions to the best of our ability, has kept this business growing and our customers happy.


Happy Customers Tell It All